Today’s two New Saints.

I am pleased that so many fellow Catholics are,or appear to be, drawing much joy and pleasure from the Canonisation of the two former popes today..

Sadly I seem totally unable to share in that joy, and it is without pleasure that I express the following view.

I have particularly grave reservations about Blessed JP ll.

He was undoubtedly great in his theology, especially in respect of his theology of the body.   I think also he had great political skills and in that area he could be a great political  operator.   I think that makes his inactivity in another area all the more lamentable and shows a true lack of heroic virtue.   I am of course referring to his “failure” to tackle the sex abuse scandals that were known to be` so prevalent during his reign..

His omission in that area cannot be covered up or undone by the canonisations today which seem to be more politically motivated than religiously inspirational.  I


Truth sets us free. 



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