By what authority does Bishop Campbell claim the right to close a blog?

Like many others I am concerned at the closure of Protect the Pope blog and what amounts to almost silencing Deacon N Donnelly.

We live in a time, when many seem to   have failed to exercise the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and, for reasons NOT obviously Christian, have kept their heads below the parapet rather than speak up for Catholic teaching, Catholic Faith and for morality.   Deacon Donnelly lived his faith and exercised those gifts given so that he COULD fulfil his Baptismal obligations and commission…….a commission that canonically no Pope or Bishop can take away since it is a commission that comes “from The Lord Himself”.

I thought that the last of the petty, authoritarian Prince Bishops had died with the late Archbishop Cyril Cowderoy. The late bishop of Leeds actually toasted him with the words   “and so we toast you last of the Prince Bishops of the Catholic Church”. The occasion was ++Cyril’s Episcopal Silver Jubilee.

Methinks that in the absence of a truthful explanation one must assume that Prince Bishops are on the way back in the person of Bishop Campbell and other apparently  cowardly members of the Hierarchy. who keep their heads below the parapet

Justice demands that the members of the Church be allowed to exercise their Commission from the Lord in good order.

Bishop Campbell , by what authority  do you purport to close a blog and stifle the much needed voice of Catholic Faith and obedience?

As I once wrote to my own then Ordinary “In accordance with my ordination promise of Obedience and Respect, I respectfully advise you that you are wrong”

One thought on “By what authority does Bishop Campbell claim the right to close a blog?

  1. I backed off from this issue after being chid for intermeddling without knowing the full facts. I am now sorry that I did so.

    I am always deeply suspicious of Clergy who want to silence anything other than liberalism, and I would like to thank you for the encouragement you give us Catholics who are not of a liberal bent.

    May God bless you, or, as we say in Poland,”Szczęść Boże!”


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