Woman lawfully was refused an abortion under Ireland’s new laws

A YOUNG woman, who was refused an abortion under the Ireland’s  new laws, had the baby delivered by Caesarean section after going on hunger strike.

The woman was in the second trimester of the pregnancy when she discovered she was pregnant and requested the abortion, which was refused.

In what is believed to be one of the first cases under the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, 2013,  the woman sought an abortion as she claimed to be suicidal.

Her case was assessed by a panel of three experts, as set out under the legislation passed last summer.

The psychiatrists on the panel determined her life was at risk as she had suicidal thoughts. But the consultant obstetrician said the baby could be delivered as it was far enough into the pregnancy.

The panel decided the baby should be delivered. The child was born at 25 weeks and is understood to be doing well.

After initially refusing to have the baby delivered, the woman ultimately agreed.



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