When, O when, will Vatican realise it does not speak for the Church?

The recent furore caused by the so called report on the Synod reminds me of how Briefings in Britain was once used by Conry et al to cause dismay and discontent in the church in England and Wales.  Eventually it was decided that only “official” documents could be published, not warped “interpretations”. That of course was before Conry became a bishop!

Sadly they had already achieved some of their aim by making parishes support them financially, as parish priests were obliged to take out a subscription when Briefings became the only official source of information. Personally I blame the bishops of that time who allowed themselves to be duped.  If they control the means of communication   they have unlimited power.  Who then controls them?

It seems to be the same in The Vatican where some purport to interpret matters according to their own proclivities and desires.  Worse still some “power hungry” officials in the Vatican appear to want to claim that they speak for the Church.  Amongst those officials I include maverick, deluded Popes, including some who lived in 20th century as well as in present century. Of course, the Vatican is not The Holy See, yet Vatican officials claim the latter’s authority and protection.. Time for a  change.


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