A simple “Thank you”

My sincere thanks to each and everyone of those who commented on my earlier post,  as well as to those who sent emails and/or published my request on their own blogs. The responses in prayers and Masses were tremendous. Prayer works!

Despite a complication with heart and arteries during the process it was quickly spotted and corrected. The kindness of all the bloggers in prayer support very very moving as was that of the surgeons and staff.

I was also amazed that British Catholic Blogs (BCB) reaches so many places worldwide. I received emails literally from  Azerbaijan and America to Zimbabwe and Zaire and so many places in between.

Mass was offered this morning for all your intentions.

One thought on “A simple “Thank you”

  1. Dear Father, I’m very glad that the surgical process went well. The reach of the Catholic blogosphere is wonderful, isn’t it? You are surrounded by a bright cloud of affection! The prayers are continuing, of course.

    God bless,
    Dorothy B.


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