“Don’t do as I do…..Do as I say”?

Cardinal Nichols has used the Press to criticise nearly 500 priests, and some deacons, who signed a letter to the Press professing their belief in the traditional Catholic understanding of Matrimony.  He objects to the use of the Press on this matter.  Something strange there!     “Don’t do as I do…..Do as I say”?

Should we be surprised that a Senior Cleric should try to stop public acceptance of Catholic doctrine?

No, not really.  There was a time when another Cardinal, John Fisher, was the only bishop to actually stand up for Catholicism.  The rest were traitors……anything for a comfortable life!

I often wonder if our bishops realise how dependent they are on the loyalty and obedience of priests for the welfare of the Church.

Sometimes I have asked bishops, and archbishops to comment on the following imaginary story.

If all the Bishops of England & Wales were killed in a plane crash on way to Rome how long would it be before the effects, apart from genuine sorrow,  would be felt in parishes.   A long time I suggest, .   But if two parish priests were killed I suggest the effect in parishes  and the Church would be almost immediate.

Apart from a wry smile, comment I get none..

I know we need bishops in order to have priests.  Would I be wrong in expecting those bishops to be faithful, and very happy to have faithful priests?

My own nightly prayer, sometimes repeated during the day, is`:  “Dear Lord, help me to keep my big mouth shut until I know what I am talking about.. Amen”       Maybe someone else might profitably pray it also.

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