I like Mr. Corbyn

The leader of the Labour Party is the least likely person to be liked by me yet I like and respect Mr. Corbyn.
He strikes me as the most honest and truthful member of parliament I have ever known, and , in the best sense of the word, he is the simplest leader. His honest simplicity, unknown in any other political leader, astonishes me and gives me HOPE for the future.
I wonder if  it is  his honesty and truthfulness that enrages the Telegraph and the Conservatives as well as  hypocrites in the Labour party. His respect for others when speaking in parliament puts to shame the ranting Mr. Cameron and his fellow immature and ignorant members.

I have been astounded and disgusted by the blatant lies uttered and published about someone who appears to be a thoroughly decent person. (I am not discussing his position on abortion!)

It seem to me that more  MPs like him would not only transform politics but also the country.  And  in the process expose charlatans.



4 thoughts on “I like Mr. Corbyn

  1. Perhaps you should consider his position on abortion. Surely a leader who condones murder in the womb cannot be a trustworthy guy. His lack of ‘ranting’ is probably because he has little (if anything) to rant about

  2. It isn’t “reducing” to one judgment but if someone is so immoral as to favour the immorality of abortion then there must be a problem. My point was not to question your stand on abortion but to question Mr Corbyn’s stance. If he is even ambivalent on abortion rather than favouring it what else might he be ambivalent about?


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